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Why is Boxwanted™ great for athletes and soon-to-be 

athletes all around the world?

Our goal

Our goal is to strengthen the global community and to make it easy to find a box and get a WOD no matter where on the planet we are.


We connect athletes and boxes. 

For who is Boxwanted™?

It is for everybody that is dedicated to CrossFit, that can't get enough of it or just gets started with it.  Boxwanted makes it easy to find a box for you when you are on holiday, on a business trip or new in a city.  With box reviews from other CrossFitters you can easily find a great box and get a good WOD. 

On Boxwanted™ you can find the best box for your individual needs - fast - in just a few clicks. And never miss out again!


"Stop wasting time for searching for a box"

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Search for a box you can compare what others said that worked out there, check out the directions and look up additional services like is there parking, does the box have shower facilities, an individual workout area and more.

"Stop wasting time for searching for a box that you can spend working out."

Been to a box?

Take less than 5 minutes, provide information that is not yet available online. On Boxwanted™ you can write your own review. 

Help others to find the right box for them. Share your experience.

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