Your questions - our answers.

1. What is Boxwanted™?

Boxwanted™ is a portal where CrossFitters can help each other to find their perfect box no matter where it is located by sharing their experiences. Our goal is to strengthen the global community by sharing experiences, writing reviews and providing information that is not yet available online. Therefore on Boxwanted™ you can find information like how to get there, compare courseplans and services, find out what others say that worked-out there already. Boxwanted™ is for free for athletes and key information available in just a few clicks. Our credo: "Stop wasting time for research that you could spend working out." Find the right box for you - fast - and never miss out again. Boxwanted™ - Eliteness is earned. Help others to find and enjoy boxes. Join today for free. Click here.

2. How can I become a member?

To become a member at Boxwanted™ is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes. You create your account by visiting and go to SIGN IN. Registration for athletes is for free and only takes a couple of seconds. You will type in a few pesonal data and confirm your e-­Mail address – thats'it, congrats and welcome at Boxwanted™.

3. How can I become a member when I own a box?

To register a box that will be listed at Boxwanted™ is very simple and only takes a couple of minutes. First create an  athlete account by visiting SIGN IN. Your registration takes only a couple of seconds. Confirm that you are a box owner. After that confirm some data and add information about your box. You have to confirm the data with your box e-Mail address. We recommend to keep your data updated so that athletes have a real benefit and can visit your box.

4. Is the membership for free?

The membership at Boxwanted™ is and will remain free for athletes. Can I cancel my membership? Of course you can cancel your membership at any time, but we would be very sad about it and we bet other athletes would be, too.

5. How can I send a blog topic?

Boxwanted™is dedicated to bring fit people all over the world closer together. We will love to receive ratings about your individual experiences or any other interesting news you would like to share. If you got anything interesting please send them with your full name to

6. What do the kettlebells stand for?

The kettlebells show you how much someone likes or dislikes something in a box. (5 kettlebells = this box rocks = very good ... 1 kettlebell = no rep = very bad). #elitenessisearned.

7. What is the meaning of the reviews?

The reviews show authentic opinions and impressions of athletes. These will enable others to get an idea about the boxes in advance. Like this it is easy to find the box that suits you best in terms of atmosphere, schedule and additional offers like shower, nutrition etc. Because we love to WOD. Follow #boxwanted 

8. What is the content of a review?

Tell us about your experience in your own words! Share what you have seen, what you have felt, what you have liked. This will be super helpful for others when they consider to visit the box you reviewed. But, even if the review reflects your own opinion please let's stay fair. At the end we all want the same: A community that enables people dedicated to a healthy and fit lifestyle to get closer together and to make it more convenient for all of us to do a workout all over the world. The goal: Find the best box for your individual needs. Please do not make illegitimate statements. In that case we would have to delete your review.

9. How long does it take until the review will be pusblished?

Each review will be published right away and publishing should not take longer than a couple of minutes.

10. How can I share pictures or videos?

If you want to attach pictures of your personal experience to your review please send them with your full name to

11. What can I do when I lost my password?

You forgot your password? No problem: click on the Sign In page on „forgot your password?“ and type in your e-Mail address that you used to register with Boxwanted™. We will send you a link via e-Mail. After you clicked and confirmed you can reset your password.

12. How can I change my password?

You can change your password every time. Log­in at and go to your personal data. There you will find the option to change your password. For security reason you first have to type in your current password and underneath you can enter the new one. To save your new password you have to click „save“.

13. How can I change my e-Mail address?

You can change your e-­Mail address at by going to your personal data "eidt profile". There you will find the option to „change e-­Mail address“. To save your new e-Mail address don't forget to click „save“.

14. Is my data secure?

For us the safety of your data is very important and will be handled with care. In case of questions please do not hesitate to contact us via

15. How can I edit my review?

Sorry, it is not possible to edit your review. If you absolutely feel you have to change something contact us: and let us know why and what needs to be changed. Great news, if you visit the same box again in the future you can write a new review about the box.

16. How can I report a review?

You found a review that violates against our terms and conditions? Please send us an Email using

17. What if I cannot find my box?

You cannot find your box? No problem, just send us mail to and we will add your box as soon as we are done WODing.

18. I'm a box owner. How can I add my box?

You own a box and want to complete the profile of your box by adding some more information? You have to be a registered athlete first. To get an account follow this link: SIGN IN. Once your profile is complete you can click on "I'm a box owner". Follow the instruction and start completing your box profile. In case your box does not show up please send us an e-Mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

19. How can I contact Boxwanted™?

You still did not find the answer you were looking for? Please do not hesitate and contact us:

20. What if my search cannot find anything?

If your search result is not what you were looking for it can be for several reasons. Make sure the city, country or box you are looking for is spelled correctly and that you use the english name of the city or country searched. What can also be helpful is to look for the next bigger city that is closest to your desired location.  Boxwanted™ team is constantly optimizing the search function for you and to make it as convenient as possible. However, it can always happen that some data is incorrect or a box is not listed on yet. In this case we apologize and your are welcome to drop us an e-Mail to We will make sure to add the box as soon as we can. If you want to give us feedback please click here.