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Hey guys,


We are Jackie & Malte from CrossFit MyBuddy and are really honored to write one of the first articles for Boxwanted ☺

June 2015 we opened our box CrossFit MyBuddy in Pinneberg, Germany, which is located approx. 20km west of Hamburg’s city center.  It is still so unreal and just amazing.  Everyday when entering the box, you are just flashed by what you have created and we now start to realize that this dream really came true!!!  =)

The idea of an own box already existed in our heads for a while. Our vision was to create best training possibilities with best equipment and the best atmosphere for everyone who is interested...

...and we started to realize

that our plan would already come true within 2015. Just six months later, here we are! We now have about 340 m2, as we needed to build locker rooms and showers and above we created a cozy lounge where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a creamy shake after your WOD. The time until our opening was the best, exhausting and exciting period we had and we really enjoyed it – at least with hindsight ;)


Lots of people are asking, why we chose Pinneberg and not Hamburg as our location?  Two simple reasons:

  1. Hamburg already has over 10 boxes and we think, everybody will find the right box there.

  2. Malte grew up in Waldenau, a district of Pinneberg ;) He also worked in some gyms in this area and knew, there is potential and demand for CrossFit and as there was no box around, it was a really good chance for us.

But Malte and Jackie – who actually are they?

Malte grew up next to Pinneberg, was born in July 1987 and sports always belonged to his life. As a little boy he played soccer. At the age of 12 years he started riding racing cycle and practiced it as competitive sports. He cycled in national division and snuffled world cup air. After this intensive time of just cycling he found his way to triathlon and afterwards to the normal gym. In 2012 he discovered CrossFit and just got addicted to it.


Jackie was born in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, in November 1987. As a little girl she played Keyboard and Piano. When she got a little older, she found her passion for sports. She did athletics where she also took part on several competitions. Before starting and fell in love with CrossFit, she trained at a normal gym. Our ways were crossing during our studies of business administration in Hamburg.  Since 2012 we are inseparable. We know each other, our strengths and our weaknesses, we support each other, we trust each other, we complement one another and these are the best requirements for us also as business partners.

Our believes: Supporting EVERYONE who trains with us

We cheer everyone on. This is our focus beside our quality in coaching and our well-equipped and clean box.

Our community:  Everybody welcomes new faces and introduces him- or herself.  We are all open-minded and the ego stays outside our gates ;)  We all have our strengths and weaknesses and we want our members to understand that they do not always have to be the fastest, strongest and best one as long as they work hard for their individual goals.  To us it is more important to work on quality and a good, solid technique. Quality prior to quantity.  Weights can be added later on ;)

Our addiction to community is also shown in the project H4CF –“A Home For CrossFitters”.  Have you guys already heard about it?

If the answer is no – You should definitely check out H4CF on Facebook!!!

If the answer is yes – awesome, we hope you have already entered the member group!!!  It’s idea for couchsurfing just for CrossFitters.  The idea came up as we wanted to visit the CrossFit Games 2015 and thought it could be difficult to find an affordable accommodation.  Then we created this platform on Facebook. But as we decided to open our own box already this year, we had to set priorities. ;)

So we always will have a place to stay and train for every CrossFitter, so whenever you are around Hamburg just get in touch with us!  We already met so many lovely people, hosted guys from all over the world and also stayed at unknown CrossFitters’ houses who were so hospitable and friendly.

We just love CrossFit and its community. This sport unites people.

So train hard, but smart, be always supporting and friendly and the whole world of CrossFit is open to every one of us!

Thanks a lot for your attention!!

Your Buddies,

Jackie & Malte


> Check out their Boxwanted page for more pictures and infos: Click Here

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