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CrossFit Corfu

What do you associate Corfu with?

Beautiful Island in Greece, sea, sun and great paleo friendly food. Well, now we got some good news for you. In April 2015 the island's first CrossFit box opened, just 500m away from the sea.

We met Christina, owner and founder of CrossFit Corfu to find out more about her box. 

CrossFit Corfu in a nutshell:

  • Credo: Sea.sun.sweat.
  • Founding year:  April 2015
  • Location: Dassiá, Corfu, Greece
  • Box m2: 200 inside, 220 outside
  • Special equipment: 500m to beach, CrossFit camps on request
  • No. of coaches: 2
  • Classes / week: 12-14
  • Competitions / yr: 3-6

About Christina Osburg

  • Favorite cheat meal: Chocolate, for sure!
  • Favorite CF exercise: I love them all – except C2B Pull ups and Snatch
  • Hobby outside of CF: read, eat, travel, charity work

CrossFit Corfu is the island’s first official CrossFit affiliate.

Starting with a quite rough storage space as the first box in April 2015, they are right now moving to a new location. Bigger and finally with toilets and showers :-). 500m away from the sea they sometimes just end the training with a big jump into the sea :-).

Christina, what is the atmosphere like at your box?

As Corfu is a perfect holiday location we quite often have drop-ins from other countries – or other parts of Greece. And we are happy to help them out in the need of finding a place to work out on travels! They can come over and drop in for a WOD.

We also love to host little nasty CrossFit camps. For my friends from Reebok CrossFit Düsseldorf and AGOGE Athletic Club and others. Campers usually work out twice a day – one time at the box, the other at different beaches. In the evenings we go out eating. It's easy doing paleo here, by the way!

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Me myself I've been doing CrossFit since four years and began competing and coaching mid 2013. I’m competing in the Masters division. My best results so far are Top 2 Germany Reebok CrossFit Open 2015 and Top 10 Germany Reebok CrossFit Open 2013 + 2014 and Top 6 Cry me a River every year since 2013. Lately, I finished 6th at the Greek Throwdown 2015.

Since mid-April, I am a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and hold several specialty CrossFIt certifications – e.g., CrossFit Weightlifting and CrossFit Kids. I love to practice and teach CrossFit and to share the spirit of it – even more under the Corfu sun, hardly a stone’s throw away from the sea.

How would you describe yourself as a coach?

I'm tough but nice. I give a smile to everyone entering the gym – to then kick them ass, haha. No, just kidding. I really take care to create an atmosphere of fun and performance. This especially is cool for those dropping in on holidays – they immediately feel as part of the community. Yes, and I pretty quickly suss out how I have to handle one from the other.

How did it happen, that you as a German opened the CrossFit affiliate in Corfu?

Me moving to Corfu was one of those coincidences in life that end up being "must-have-happeneds". In May 2014, I did a four-week road trip with my beloved little Smart – starting at home in Düsseldorf, destination: Istanbul. I went all the way down through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and – Greece. Where I got stuck as I was so amazed by the country, its nature and beaches and people that I dropped my original plans and spent the rest of my trip meandering across different parts of Greece. One of them was Corfu.

Back home I started dreaming of living down there – which in fact, seemed to be possible as I'm a freelance copywriter working over the internet most of the time. Having had two or three beers and coffee and chats with my Greek-rooted friends in Düsseldorf, I said "Okay, let's go!", hopped on a plane, found myself an awesome apartment, packed my things and moved South. Whoop!

Yay, whoop, but.... where the f*** work out? I quickly figured out there was no gym to train CrossFit on Corfu. Nothing even close to it. As a competing CrossFit athlete and already on "decision mode", I said to myself "Okay, then – become an affiliate and open up your own place!". Said. And did. Got the affiliate permission some weeks later, found a location, geared it up and opened CrossFit Corfu on April, 13th 2015.

The island’s first official CrossFit affiliate was born.

Final question: Where excately can one find your box?

Well, actually, we work out where the streets have no name. Haha. But don’t worry. You’ll find us. We are the first building on the left when you enter Dassia from direction Corfu Town. For route planners “Primavera Hotel Dassia” as direction has proven quite beneficial.

More info and pictures of CrossFit Corfu.

CrossFit Corfu facebook.

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