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Boxwanted is your search and review portal for CrossFit-boxes.  With Boxwanted you can easily find a box that fits your needs - in your holidays, on a business trip or when you move to a new city.  To find out how it works read more below. 

Our values

We are CrossFitters.  We are dedicated to CrossFit. We believe in CrossFit.  We love to do CrossFit - wherever possible - whenever possible.

This is why we created Boxwanted™.

Our mission

Boxwanted™ is for free.  We want to make it easy for you to get your WOD and find the best box for you no matter where you are.
Our goal is to unite athletes and boxes worlwide by sharing experiences, writing reviews and providing information that is not yet available online.  On Boxwanted™ you can read reviews from other CrossFitters based on the overall box, the coach and the equipment.  You need a box that has a shower, offers parking or provides indivdual workout spaces?!  No problem.  On boxwanted.com you can find that in just a few clicks.

Find the right box for you - fast - and never miss out again. 

How we got started

My name is Liesa and whenever I was travelling I didn't want to miss a CrossFit workout. I was checking online which local box is the best box for a WOD. It was so time consuming and really no fun.  With the box-world growing so fast, there is a wide range of choices in some areas.  I just wanted to find the right box for my needs and do a great WOD.

"A page where you can share WOD experiences with other athletes"

The idea for Boxwanted™ was born.

Join the community.

Help others to find and enjoy boxes in just a few clicks. 

Boxwanted™ - Search. Pick. And WOD.